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3/17/2017 9:38:26 AM
On 10 March, after Dai Doan Ket Newspaper reported that "Quang Nam received 7 cars from businesses", Dai Doan Ket has received feedback from THACO - Truong Hai Auto Corporation. To broaden our publicity, we continue to reflect on the vehicle donation of this company.
3/17/2017 9:32:24 AM
By the end of February 2017, Vietnam auto sales are on the downward trend, down 13% from the previous month to 17,621 units. However, THACO still remained stable growth when it reached 7,724 vehicles (3,605 passenger cars, 4,119 commercial vehicles), accounting for 45% of market share, up 20% compared with January.
3/1/2017 11:01:59 AM
On 22 February 2017, in HCMC, "New Peugeot CKD Projects MOU Signing Ceremony" took place between THACO and PSA Group in the presence of Mr Tran Ba Duong, THACO Chairman and Mr Denis Martin, Director of the China - ASEAN Region of PSA Group.
3/17/2017 9:47:21 AM
In the afternoon of 6 March 2017, at the Chu Lai Office, Quang Nam Police in cooperation with the Executive Committee of THACO Trade Union held a commendation ceremony for the Complex employees who had good deeds in firefighting at THACO Bus Plant. Attending the program were Mr Nguyen Viet Loi - Director of Quang Nam Police, Mr Pham Van Tai - Deputy General Director of THACO.
3/17/2017 9:43:20 AM
On 7 March 2017, PC Company held professional training in Marketing solutions and Showroom management in the North and South Central.
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