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THACO has donated many cars for social-charity programs
3/17/2017 9:38:26 AM
On 10 March, after Dai Doan Ket Newspaper reported that "Quang Nam received 7 cars from businesses", Dai Doan Ket has received feedback from THACO - Truong Hai Auto Corporation. To broaden our publicity, we continue to reflect on the vehicle donation of this company.
 THACO presented a car to the National Traffic Safety Committee.

Speaking about the issue of car donation, Mr Nguyen Mot, THACO Communications Director said: "As the largest car manufacturer - assembler and dealer in Vietnam, each year this unit spends tens of billion VND for the Charity works, social community, including the donation of cars manufactured, assembled, and distributed by THACO. "

According to Mr Mot, in the program called "Join hands with Community - Showing social responsibility", besides the amount of hundreds of billion VND since 2011, THACO has donated a CQ boat for Truong Sa Navy and 25 buses and coaches for associations, universities, art troupes and other units.

Specifically, in the program for poor patients on 7 January 2011, THACO has donated to Kien Giang Poor Patient Association a 29-seat passenger car valued at over 800 million VND to facilitate the Association with the vehicles to serve the medical services for poor people in remote areas in Kien Giang province.

Previously, THACO also donated to this Association a 45-seat THACO KingLong bus (worth 900 million VND) to serve the transport of poor patients. On 27 March 2016, THACO donated a 16-seat car worth 800 million VND to the Supporting Association for Poor Patients, the Disabled and Orphans in Ben Tre.

 THACO donates a car to Nghe An Folk Song Preservation and Development Center.

In sports activities, on 29 September 2011, in Thanh Nien U-21 International Youth Football League, THACO awarded a high-end THACO KingLong bus worth 1.1 billion VND to Tay Ninh football team for their transportation during the seasons. The car sponsoring for the team of Truong Hai company aims to encourage the development of sports movements in the local area, creating conditions for teams with financial difficulty to travel and participate in tournaments.

In the security and defense activities on 3 October 2012, THACO has donated to the program "Together with young Quang Nam fishermen" of Quang Nam Union a 500-million-VND KIA Forte in order to contribute to stimulate the love for the country, the sea and protect the Vietnam sovereignty of Quang Nam youths. On 9 July 2014, THACO also donated a Sorento to A Xan Border Guard Station, Tay Giang District, Quang Nam Province, in order to support the officers and soldiers of A Xan Border Guard Station to perform the patrolling and guarding the border.

On 11 March 2016, in the Joint Program to ensure traffic order and safety period 2016 - 2018, THACO sponsored 16 billion VND to jointly work with State management agencies in implementing solutions to ensure traffic safety, reduce traffic accidents, contribute to the construction of transport culture in Vietnam. Accordingly, THACO has officially presented 2 Mazda BT-50 cars and 2 KIA Sorento cars to the National Traffic Safety Committee. The purpose of donating these 4 cars worth more than 3.3 billion VND of THACO is to ensure the propaganda and dissemination of laws to ensure traffic order and safety of the National Traffic Safety Committee in 2016.

On 21 December 2016, at the Politics Training Center in District 7, THACO donated a Mazda BT-50 to District 7 Military Command. The car donation is a practical and meaningful contribution which helps the District 7 Military Command in traveling and controlling the situation of national defense, social security and order in the locality.

Moreover, according to Mr Mot, regarding the support for education, to provide schools with more facilities to transport students to their intern factories and construction sites, on 18 November 2016, in the 71th anniversary of the school's establishment and the 55th anniversary of Uncle Ho's visit to the school, THACO has donated a Thaco TB82S - W180ASIII bus (34 seats) worth 1.64 billion VND to the University of Transport Technology.

Then on 23 January 2017, in Hanoi, THACO held a ceremony to award the 29-seat THACO TB82S Bus to the University of Transport.

In the companionship with the preservation of the intangible cultural heritage of the nation, on 3 December 2016 in Vinh City, Nghe An Province, the Nghe An Folk Theater held an artistic performance on the occasion of the 2nd anniversary of UNESCO's recognition of ca vi, giam folk songs, Nghe Tinh as the intangible cultural heritage of humanity, THACO has donated to the Nghe An Center of Conservation and Promotion of Folk Heritage a 34-seat THACO bus.

On 5 April 2016, in Thac Nam City, THACO sponsored a THACO bus for Nam Dinh Chèo Theater which is worth over 1.5 billion VND, contributing to the preservation and promotion of traditional art forms.

THACO also said that in April 2017, THACO would donate a THACO County - HB73S bus (worth 1,049 billion VND) to the Ha Tinh Traditional Art Theater to support the touring activities of the center.

Particularly in Quang Nam, where THACO has invested a car assembly complex in Chu Lai - Truong Hai on an area of 600 hectares, THACO annually donates cars manufactured and distributed by itself to Quang Nam province to serve the activities of the province. So far, THACO has donated 7 cars to Quang Nam Provincial Party Committee, People's Committee; Quang Nam Fatherland Front Committee; Nui Thanh district, etc. All of the THACO cars donated to Quang Nam have been set as state-owned vehicles to serve the travel demand.

Mr Mot stressed, "The car donation represents that the enterprise has been operating in Quang Nam province, grew up in this land and wants to contribute to Quang Nam, serving the common tasks of the province."

After posting the article, "Quang Nam receives 7 cars from enterprises", we have received a lot of comments from readers. In particular, a pensioner stated his point of view: "I personally agree with the THACO program to offer cars for general work. I and everyone do not agree on the car donation of the businesses when it is accompanied by the execution of a project or the advancement of an unresolved issue, or disbursement of the works that those enterprises have finished. To put it bluntly, we are not in agreement with the businesses offering cars with conditions! "
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