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Senior leaders from Maybank and Standard Chartered visit and work with THACO
10/11/2017 2:33:04 PM
On 5/10/2017, in Ho Chi Minh City, senior leaders from Maybank and Standard Chartered had a working session with THACO. On behalf of THACO, Financial Department leaders welcomed the guests.

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Maybank is a well-established bank in Malaysia, and one of the largest banks in South East Asia, while Standard Chartered is a multi-national financial banking company based in London, UK. This visit helped the banks to understand THACO business conditions and the prospects of cooperation between the banks and THACO. 

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During the session, Mr Felino James Marcelo - Senior Member of Credit Council - Director of Global Banking Division (Maybank Malaysia) and Mr Ray Kaustav - Executive Director - Structured and Corporate Finance Solutions - Standard Chartered expressed the wishes to cooperate with THACO. Accordingly, Maybank would want to extend a new credit limit of 30 million USD, while Standard Chartered wants to increase the credit limit for THACO from 20 million to 50 million USD.
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Thu Nguyen